The best sales employee you will ever hire!

  • Work Inbound Leads
  • Floor Traffic Follow-Up
  • Phone Follow-Up
  • Engage and Answer Questions
  • Schedule Appointments
  • Re-Engage Leads
  • Triage Unhappy Customers
  • Data Mining Lead Generation (Equity Mining, Trade Cycle, Manifest Lists, Lease-End Return)

Regardless of your unique process with or without a BDC, Internet Team etc. our implementation team takes a consultative approach to setting up your digital sales assistant to mirror your process and automate areas of weakness that are difficult to repeat at scale.  It is this flexibility that makes us the leading partner for your technology stack!


Your assistant is smart enough to understand assignments and statuses in your CRM and pushes her conversations directly back into it while alerting your team when they need to get involved.


Our platform flexibility lets you choose to work new inbound leads immediately or after you feel your team starts to lessen their efforts of follow-up.  Many buyers are still 60-90 days from purchase and one on one personalized messaging beats any automated CRM campaign out there.  In fact your assistant can ask pertinent questions, answer questions and bring that prospect as far down the funnel as you like.  She does this in the customer's preferred channel whether it's SMS, Email, or Facebook Messenger with the objective of setting an appointment.

sales conversation V1


Solving the age-old retention problem one customer at a time!

  • Schedule First Visit
  • Schedule Pit Stop
  • Pre-Paid Service
  • Recalls
  • Schedule Consecutive Visits
  • Missed Interval
  • State Inspection Appointments
  • Warranty Expiring
  • Pre-CSI
  • Declined Services
  • Lost Customer
  • Parts Notification

Imagine hiring an assistant for your service department that can reach out to every customer in your DMS with the right message at the right time and facilitate setting an appointment with a reduction of human interaction and a much better customer experience.


With our platform, this is a reality! Accurate, contextual, and timely engagement at scale with the customer's preferred communication channel SMS, Email, and Facebook Messenger provides more service drive visits and a frictionless experience for both your customer and employee.


Your service assistant can calculate mileage driven and reach out to a customer for a service event by time or miles. She knows when and how to engage a service customer and also when it's time to alert a human if needed.

service conversation V1

Shopping - Smart Chat

  • Apply for Financing
  • Shop for Financing
  • Get a Quote
  • Calculate Payment
  • Compare Cars (Trim Level)
  • Trade-In Valuation
  • Build & Price
  • Search Inventory
  • Schedule a Test Drive
  • Rescue & Re-Engage Leads
  • Live Human Hand-Off

The Shopping Smart Chat turns the online, new-car shopping experience into a conversation that takes place on a variety of channels from mobile web, to desktop, to Facebook messenger and others.


It allows users to browse all of a manufacturer’s vehicles and quickly get answers to questions about pricing, MPG, horsepower, roominess, and much more.


The agent also organically moves users further down the shopping funnel by suggesting appropriate high-value actions like get a quote, view inventory, find nearby dealers, get trade-in value, competitive comparisons, schedule a test drive, and more.  


The Shopping Smart Chat provides the user with an on-demand navigation experience.  The automotive brand get an unprecedented view of what the customer really wants.

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