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Our proprietary platform allows automotive brands to create intelligent conversational agents that can scale from one vehicle to many instantly. Companies still utilizing Bot Development Platforms (BDP) require answers for each question to be painstakingly coded one by one. Our system fills in templates with the correct data automatically.

Welcome to the only conversational commerce platform that launches virtual agents who have the intelligence to answer questions without a human having to write it first.


Platform Features

We deploy and host your Digital Assistant and provide an advanced analytics dashboard. This includes real-time, actionable insights to maximize performance. We continually monitor performance and customize the experience based on user behavior.

Beyond our general analytics offerings, we leverage machine learning and advanced statistical methods to automatically suggest ways to improve your content and surface insights into your Digital Assistant's performance.

We'll show you the most interesting conversations that you've had with your audience and break down the common responses to the questions your Digital Assistant asks. We'll arm you with the tools necessary to both dig deep into conversations, or get a high-level view of how your content is performing.

Enterprise users have their content stored in the Cloud, where it’s safe and secure. Cloud storage also means content can be accessed from anywhere, so your team can be geographically dispersed.

Dialogue Authoring System
We help develop the voice and personality for your brand in conversation. So you're always in control of what is said.

At the enterprise level, CARLABS’ CMS supports content locking and merging. That way, multiple authors can work on content at the same time without stepping on each others' toes. Our content review workflow lets your legal, brand standards, and other departments review content without having to learn difficult user interfaces.

Human Handoff
In the instance the AI can’t answer a question, we provide an interface that allows a live customer service representative to take over and continue the conversation or hand back to the AI when appropriate.

Our training and on-boarding services get you pointed in the right direction. If you run into a problem, we're here to help via chat, email, or phone.


Every solution installed into your Digital Assistant will come with its own set of features and benefits. To see all of our Solutions, Skills, and more, click below.

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