Product Suite

Each product has a set of skills that turns data into decision support.

The Navigator greets web and Facebook users and establishes if they are a Shopper or current Owner looking for support.


Shoppers on mobile or desktop devices will be able to conversationally review every model, see all vehicle specs and be guided to key KPIs including:

  • Build and price
  • See offers
  • Payment calculator
  • Request a quote
  • New car inventory
  • CPO Inventory
  • Request finance
  • Schedule a test drive
  • Estimate trade in value
  • Warranty information
  • Owner portal information

If the user is an Owner, the Navigator agent will be able to direct them to the appropriate resource including:

  • Roadside assistance
  • Making payments
  • Connecting to the owners’ portal
  • Find a dealer
  • Express Lane
  • Collision Assistance
  • Parts
  • Accessories
  • Financing
  • Owners’ manuals
  • Maintenance schedules

The Navigator also has the ability to answer FAQs and understand hundreds of categories of natural language requests and deliver the appropriate answer.

Engagement Tools

Chatvertisement TM

Our ChatvertisementTM product will allow the agent to live wherever you advertise on the internet.  The ad itself can ask the consumer a question and the consumer’s response begins a two-way conversation directly in the ad unit.

Direct Response Campaigns

Direct response campaigns in Facebook messenger have had a 24% response rate.  They work by matching current CRM databases with Facebook users and then starting a personalized, two-way conversation with those customers in Messenger.  Similar campaigns can be run using SMS.

Facebook/Instagram Messenger ads

Like the Chatvertisment, these ad units provided by FB and Instagram can launch a conversational call-to-action from the ad directly into Messenger leading to the same KPI as the chatvertisment.  Previous “click to Messenger” ads linking to CarLabs Digital Assistants have resulted in a 46% increase in daily average dealer inventory searches and 20% increase in daily calls to dealerships.



We automate sales and customer service to reduce costs and increase leads.

This interactive feedback loop permits immediate action with contextual messages across multiple messaging channels: Facebook, Alexa, SMS, Twitter, web chat.


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