How CarLabs.Ai Is Shaping The Future of Auto Finance with Artificial Intelligence

Much more than a buzz word in a conversation, Artificial Intelligence is becoming an essential piece to business operations. As auto industry experts talk about optimizing the car-buying process, increasing sales and conversions, and streamlining customer service, it is clear that there is a competitive edge gained by companies adopting AI technologies. 

Featured in the September edition of Auto Finance News, Bianca Chan and Joey Pizzolato explore how AI will shape the future of the car buying and financing process. In the article titled, ‘Artificial Intelligence: Where Humans and Bots Collide,’ AI is described as ‘the ideal balance between “art” and “science.

“While lenders initially turned to AI to bolster fraud detection or enhance underwriting, some are quickly realizing that the technology will have a bigger impact on customer experience…Kia Motors Finance is expanding the use of its virtual assistant, called Kian, with the help of chatbot-developer CarLabs.AI.”

Bianca Chan and Joey Pizzolato, in ” Artificial Intelligence: Where Humans and Bots Collide” – September Edition of Auto Finance News

Click the link below to read the full article by Bianca Chan and Joey Pizzolato, in the September Edition of Auto Finance News. 

FULL ARTICLE LINK (PAGES, 6-7): Artificial Intelligence: Where Humans And Bots Collide

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