CarLabs Featured in AWS’ “Startup Stories”

aws startup stories - CarLabs

AWS interviewed Carlabs’ Chief Growth Officer, Brendan Flynn, at its recent AWS Autotech Day. The AWS Auto Tech Day brought together the leading startups, enterprises, suppliers, investors, and luminaries driving innovation in the automotive industry.

Watch the video below to hear what Flynn has to say about CarLabs’ partnership with AWS and how they are using AWS tools to help automakers connect with their customers.

Q: How do you use [AWS] technology?

Brendan Flynn: “Think of an automakers main tool for connecting with shoppers and owners. It’s their websites. So we really deconstruct what you would find on the website and we build it into our platform, so we create a knowledge-base of all an automaker’s digital assets and information. Then we use a ton of AWS tools to enable both new car shoppers and owners to access that information with natural language, whether it’s voice or text.”

Q: Which companies work with you?

“We work with Kia Motors America, and we helped develop Kian, who is their avatar, who both lives on their website in the form of a chat widget, and also on Facebook Messenger. Consumers can chat with Kia and ask it any questions. Kian stands for “Know It All Now,” so you can compare cars, you can ask about any feature, any attribute, you can look at real time offers and inventory, you can find dealers near you, so it’s a way for the manufacturer to control the upper funnel sale of their vehicles. We have a similar product we’re rolling out for Acura. We have a similar product that we’re rolling out with Honda. We’re also working with some captive finance groups. We’re working with Hyundai Capital America and BMW Financial Services from an Owner perspective to help manage your account. “How many payments are left on my lease,” “can I change my due date,” those types of account management questions.

Q: How is your partnership with AWS?

Amazon is really great at creating ecosystems of startups that help sell Amazon products into the manufacturers. It can be challenging to have a contractual relationship with an automaker. The sales cycles are long, their contracts are pretty rigorous, so we have a nice symbiotic relationship with AWS where if we sell a product to an automaker, AWS is also selling a product to that automaker. We’re talking about using AWS Connect to take the single back-end knowledge-base that we’re creating to also power telephony, so then you really start to get omnichannel. Wherever the consumer is, they can interact with all your assets, so it’s kind of like bringing your web portals to where the consumers are, and enabling you to do it in the most ubiquitous form of communication, which is messaging.

To see the full interview, visit the AWS Startup blog.

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