CarLabs Launches Honda Conversational Assistant

honda messenger bot

CarLabs is proud to introduce their latest conversational assistant – the Honda Chatbot. This digital assistant will join their lineup of automotive conversational assistants, which include Kia’s assistant “Kian”, as well as Mexico’s version of the automotive chatbot.

Introducing the Honda Chatbot

honda chatbot conversational assistant

Using the CarLabs conversational AI platform, the Honda Chatbot is able to give users a mobile shopping experience that mimics a consultation with an automotive expert. Instead of forcing users to go on a point-and-click journey on Honda’s site, users can simply and easily browse every model, ask specific questions about each model, ask for nearby dealers, get special offers, and more, all without leaving Facebook Messenger.

As reported by MediaPost, the goal of the Honda Chatbot is to “improve conversion rates, guide shoppers more quickly and painlessly through the shopping process and secure more qualified sales leads.”

In addition to more, higher quality leads, CarLabs’ conversational assistants are also able to give automotive manufacturers a unique insight regarding their consumer base as more users interact with the assistant. They will be able to gauge, for instance, which cars users browse most often, and which attributes (like MPG, Sunroof, Horsepower, and others) users care about most.

Conversational Assistants for the Automotive Sector

The conversational assistants produced by CarLabs are the only chatbots in the automotive sector that are capable of handling multiple models. Honda’s Chatbot sets a new record for CarLabs when it comes to the number of models and data-points housed within the CarLabs conversational AI platform.

Stay tuned for more news regarding our conversational assistants and how they will revolutionize the automotive sector. To learn more about our solutions for automotive manufacturers see our Solutions page.

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