Read: Applied AI Interviews CarLabs CEO Martin Schmitt

CarLabs co-founder and CEO Martin Schmitt sat down with Applied AI to discuss the future of customer service in the automotive industry, and why digital assistants like Kian are already major players in the race to provide potential customers with the best possible user experience.

“As the use of digital assistants grows, brands will expect them to solve more complex business challenges. We believe that to accomplish more sophisticated and valuable tasks will require intimate industry knowledge.

Because CarLabs is equal parts deep automotive knowledge and technological expertise in the AI/ML NLP technology that is driving the automation revolution we were able to predict the complications of automating automotive sales and customer service.

The lessons learned since product launch and the huge amounts of data analyzed have been invaluable in that they have both confirmed and challenged our assumptions about how consumers want to engage with brands and what moves shoppers down the funnel

As a result, we have optimized the user experience to save operational costs and drive leads, making it a justifiable business expense for our automaker clients.”

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