Mobile Marketer applauds Kian’s “24-hour service”

Kia’s digital assistant Kian, a brainchild of CarLabs, has been making headlines for the past few days due to its promising engagement and re-engagement results, as reported yesterday in Digiday.

Now, Mobile Marketer has given their take on Kia’s AI-powered brand ambassador, and they have recognized a few of Kian’s best qualities.

In addition to the statistics featured in the Digiday article (like the fact that Kian has increased Messenger engagement 50-fold), Mobile Marketer praised Kian’s interactivity, its availability, and its ability to obtain data from users and use it to funnel them to high-value actions.

Bots continue to evolve in accessibility and practical application, with Kian serving of an example of how brands can leverage them to reach people on newer platforms like Facebook Messenger and even convert them into customers. Because Kian users are asking questions directly of the chatbot, the company can quickly ascertain what they’re thinking about, as compared with monitoring clicks on different parts of the site.

Read more about Kian’s success at Mobile Marketer.

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