CarLabs Educates Motor City West conference attendees about Artificial Intelligence

CarLabs’ CEO Martin Schmitt spoke to a sold out room of automotive marketers at Think LA’s Oct. 7 Motor City West conference. This year’s event focused on the battle between the old and new ways of marketing in the Automotive Industry including AR, VR and AI.

Schmitt, as the creator of the auto industry’s first intelligent agent, predicted that the rise of chatbots, conversational agents and intelligent personal assistants is ushering in a new era of conversational marketing much faster than initially predicted.

“By 2020, there will be an economy of conversational agents expressing data and business logic to perform consumer tasks, subsumed under a small number of branded personae,” said Schmitt.

ThinkLA recapped the event by stating, “AI and data are now center stage, and the ability to harness and utilize that information to help sales will be the illuminating ingredient for 2017.”

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